Briefly Noted for September 23, 2009

Espresso Book Machine at Harvard Book Store — The Harvard Book Store will be the first to offer on-demand printing of public domain Google Books, the Harvard Crimson reported Tuesday. The Espresso Book Machine will be open for business at Harvard starting next week. (P.S. When did they start calling it the “Harvard Book Store?” It’ll always be the Coop to me. Correction: reader @mbattles happily reminds me that the Harvard Book Store isn’t the Coop at all, but rather an independent book shop a few blocks up Mass. Ave. from the Square.)

Tupac Papers Archive — The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation and the Robert W. Woodruff Library in Atlanta are partnering to prepare the late rapper’s papers for preservation and access, according to a press release [.pdf] by the two organizations. Hat tip @anarchivist.

Texas Instruments Releases iPhone CalculatorGigaOm reports that Texas Instruments has released a calculator application for the iPhone aimed at business professionals. Smartphones have killed the PDA, are well on their way to killing the standalone MP3 player, and now look poised to kill the trusty calculator as well.

Students Get Windows 7 for $30 — Microsoft is offering students deep discounts to students looking to upgrade to Windows 7. For $30 students can get one copy of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional when it drops in October.

IE Misses the Wave — Citing the browser’s failure to keep up with “recent developments in Web technology,” the team at Google Wave has decided not to support Microsoft Internet Explorer, even though it is currently used by a majority of web users. I think I know a few developers who would like to make that same decision 🙂

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx" to Ship in April — Ubuntu provided a preview of coming attractions in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, including its code name, “Lucid Lynx” on Tuesday. Lucid Lynx will be Ubuntu’s third “Long Term Support” release. Key improvements will include reduced boot time (10 seconds is the goal) and enhancements to the standard user interface. Lucid Lynx will follow the planned release next month of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.

Google’s UFO Logos Explained — On Sunday Google revealed the occasion for the UFO motif in its homepage logo over the past few weeks: H.G. Wells’ 143 birthday. Although I like the nod to science fiction history, couldn’t they have picked a better anniversary?

Practical Training for Art Historians — Recognizing that many—if not most—art historians will eventually end up as museum professionals, the Department of Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University introduced a new track track in its Ph.D. program. In partnership with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the new “Curatorial Track” will offer theoretical and hands-on training in such areas as museum studies, non-profit administration, and fund raising in addition to a traditional art history curriculum.

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