October 23, 2009

An Unexpected Honor

Yesterday I received a letter from Google addressed to Robert T. Gunther at Found History. As founder of the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford, where I did my doctoral work, and a major figure in my dissertation, I am very honored to welcome Dr. Gunther to the Found History staff. Despite having passed away in 1940, it is my hope that Dr. Gunther will make significant contribution to this blog’s coverage of the history of scientific instrumentation.


  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if you suddenly found your chairs and books stacked in uncanny arrays every morning from here on out?

    The real question, of course, is, what was inside the letter?

  2. You might want to review the syntactic implications of your second sentence above. It took me a few reads to realise that you were not yourself claiming to be the founder of the MHS.

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