Briefly Noted for November 13, 2009

Book Lending at Twitter Speed: Thoughts from Josh Greenberg — Based in part on ideas raised during his appearance on the latest episode of Digital Campus, Josh Greenberg (@epistemographer) speculates on the future of book lending under the doctrine of first sale in a digital economy where access to copyright material can be lent, returned, and logged at Twitter speed. Assuming a  “hyper-efficient distribution system,” if a given book only ever has ten simultaneous readers worldwide, could a print run of ten be enough to serve the whole world? Something to chew on over the weekend.

Jono Bacon on Roadmaps for Successful CollaborationsUbuntu Community Lead, Jono Bacon, knows something about building communities of collaboration. In this post, he provides some specific guidance (and wiki templates) for using structured “roadmaps” to help manage collaborative projects.

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