May 10, 2007

Craigslist ca. 1900

Suzanne Fischer points to a rib-tickling page purporting an origin in the Craigslist archives and an age of about 100 years. Among the more interesting classifieds of 1906:

– My Electric is Off Again. Edison Will Not Answer His Telephone.

– M4W: Honest Farmer 65 Seeks Healthy Wife 18 to Bear Children, Pull Plow, Cook

– Was Saturday Night Live as Funny Last Night as it was in 1871? I Think NOT.

– Anarchist Rally this Weekend. Time & Place Unknown. BYOB.

– English Building Unsinkable Ship. USA Lags in Technology.

– RE: My Electric is Off Again … Cheapskate. Switch to Westinghouse. Expensive but Reliable.

– A Teaspoon or Two of Laudanum Helps Children Sleep.

– Next Summer’s Bathing Costumes are Scandalous.

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