Briefly Noted for September 16, 2009

Digital Campus 43 — We’re back! Digital Campus returns from its summer hiatus with a new show. Listen to me, Mills, and Dan shake off the rust and discuss the Google Books settlement, cameras on campus, Google Wave and the real-time web, and other hot topics in the world of academic, museum, and library technology.

Preserving the Web — In case you missed it, both Harvard and the California Digital Library recently launched web archiving services. While Harvard’s WAX (Web Archive Collection Service) seems to be designed for campus use only, CDL’s Web Archives is available to other institutions, and is currently powering archives at New York University, Stanford, and several UC campuses.

Nature Tests the Waters of Open AccessOpen Access News reports that Nature is launching a new open access journal, Cell Death & Disease. To cover lost subscription revenues, successful submissions will be charged a $3000 processing fee—just the kind of fees the Compact for OA Publishing Equity (see below) encourages universities to pay on behalf of faculty publishing in OA journals. Things seem to be moving right along.

Compact for OA Publishing Equity — Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT and Berkeley announced their “joint committment” to open access publishing through the Compact for OA Publishing Equity. The Compact calls on universities and funding agencies “to provide equitable support for open-access publishing by subsidizing the processing fees that faculty incur when contributing to open-access publications” arguing that “open-access publishing promises to put more research in more hands and in more places around the world.”

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