August 18, 2014

Getting into Digital Humanities: A top-ten list

Today I’ll be joining a roundtable discussion hosted by the New York Council for the Humanities for its incoming class of public humanities fellows. I was asked to prepare a “top-ten list” for public humanists looking to get started in digtial humanities, and with the help of friends on Twitter, I came up with the following:

10) Enter the circle (read, tweet, blog)
9) Start with partners
8) Attend THATCamp
7) Write grants, not papers
6) Release early and often
5) Stop worrying about the definition of DH
4) Digital is always public
3) Must. Try. New. Things.
2) Break something
1) Lather, rinse, repeat

Instead of explaining this advice in prose, I decided to put together a video. Here it is.

N.B. As my mother always told me, “do as I say, not as I do.”


  1. Tom, I want all my colleagues to hear this, but one of the problems I have with the vlog format is the sound quality. I wish my Film and Media Studies students could collaborate with profs like you about producing quality videos. Thanks for putting this together. Many of my colleagues have a real phobia about all the DH stuff out there. I have a great community on line that helps me think through my work. I am interested in tools rather than topics per se!

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