November 3, 2022

Briefly Noted for November 3, 2022

Nearly 200 years ago, the United States promised to seat a delegate from the Cherokee Nation in Congress as part of the treaty that forcibly removed the tribe from Georgia to Oklahoma. There’s a renewed movement to make good on that promise. The United States should meet its treaty obligations. It’s not just a matter of justice for indigenous peoples (though that’s the most important part). It’s about being a nation that deserves the trust of its citizens and the world. In that way it’s part and parcel of the fight against creeping authoritarianism in this country. Autocrats lie, cheat, and steal. Liberal democracies aren’t supposed to do that.

How can the richest man in the world be worried about money? The Verge explains how Elon Musk is kind of desperate for Twitter to make money.

Forbes reports this morning that a Beijing-based team at TikTok had plans to monitor the physical location of specific Americans. No word yet on which Americans or whether they are members of the government. I’ve been banging the “TikTok is dangerous” (and not just for teen self-esteem) drum for years now to eye rolls from friends and colleagues. This isn’t quite an “I told you so” moment, but it’s getting close.

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