Briefly Noted for November 3, 2010

@sramsay goes on record — Steve Ramsay argues against anonymity online, asking faculty “to consider whether it’s appropriate for someone who is paid to be a teacher and an intellectual to behave like an Anonymous Coward on Slashdot” and reminding us that we “are not political dissident[s] fearing reprisals from a hostile government.” Something goodContinue reading “Briefly Noted for November 3, 2010”

Digital rocking the public history job market

Things are looking up for digitally minded public historians. At least six new media focused tenure-track academic public history positions are open this fall, including: University of Central Florida, Director of Public History/Tenured Senior Associate or Full professor University of Central Florida, Assistant or Associate Professor in Digital and Public History Virginia Polytechnic Institute andContinue reading “Digital rocking the public history job market”

Alt-Conference Venues

A discussion today on Twitter about the rising costs of conference space, even on campuses, which in many cases charge their own faculty and staff for use of facilities, got me thinking that we humanists should be thinking more creatively about where to hold our gatherings. The Hilton is nice. But as THATCamp has shown,Continue reading “Alt-Conference Venues”

Omeka and Its Peers

As an open source, not-for-profit, warm-and-fuzzy, community service oriented project, we don’t normally like to talk about market rivals or competitive products when we talk about Omeka. Nevertheless, we are often asked to compare Omeka with other products. "Who’s Omeka’s competition?" is a fairly frequent question. Like many FAQs, there is an easy answer andContinue reading “Omeka and Its Peers”