Post-Doc at CHNM (North)

Many Found History readers will know that I have recently moved full-time to Connecticut, working remotely and traveling to Fairfax four or five days each month to meet with the gang at CHNM. Since moving north, I have been lucky to make a slew of new friends and colleagues in the bustling New England publicContinue reading “Post-Doc at CHNM (North)”


We have been threatening to do it for years. Frustrated with the inadequacies of traditional modes of scholarly publishing for the digital age, we have long batted around the idea of launching a “CHNM Press.” Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of PressForward, a new initiative to explore and produce new means forContinue reading “PressForward”

Summer Blockbusters: Sci-fi and Alternate History

It seems the past has replaced the future as Hollywood’s preferred setting for summer’s science fiction blockbusters. Jon Favreau’s screen adaptation of the graphic novel, Cowboys and Aliens imagines an extraterrestrial invasion of the Old West. X-Men: First Class offers a prequel to the popular franchise, tracing Magneto and Charles Xavier’s education and upbringing andContinue reading “Summer Blockbusters: Sci-fi and Alternate History”

A Pound of History

Does a pound of history amount to a hill of beans? Starbucks seems to think so. It’s pushing the history angle pretty hard in its 40th anniversary marketing campaign.

Hey you! Come to THATCamp NCPH

Here is a partial list of places an easy workday’s drive from Pensacola, FL: Athens, GA Atlanta, GA Auburn, AL Baton Rouge, LA Beaumont, TX Biloxi, MS Birmingham, AL Chattanooga, TN Gainsville, FL Hattiesburg, MS Huntsville, AL Jackson, MS Jacksonville, FL Knoxville, TN Lake Charles, LA Macon, GA Memphis, TN Mobile, AL Montgomery, AL Nashville,Continue reading “Hey you! Come to THATCamp NCPH”

Stuff Digital Humanists Like: Defining Digital Humanities by its Values

[A very rough transcript of my talk at the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative on December 1, 2010. The DHI’s theme for this semester’s program was “What is Digital Humanities?” This is my attempt to answer—or dodge—that question. Many thanks to Matt Gold and all my friends at CUNY for a great event and a thought-provokingContinue reading “Stuff Digital Humanists Like: Defining Digital Humanities by its Values”